Kabir to take countless years old revenge from Ghuman in Saraswatichandra


Ghuman gave away Kabir to a Daima to kill him, but Menka saved him and did his upbringing. She used him against Ghuman. She knew he was Saraswati’s son. Kabir is angry thinking his father Laxminandan ditched him and took revenge on him by hitting him with his car. He does not know that Laxminandan was told that Saraswati gave birth to a dead baby. Kabir is taught only hatred and revenge by Menka, but he loves the Desai family. He feels closer to Saras as he knows Saras is his elder brother.

Saras always felt some strong blood connection with him, from Day 1 when Kabir gave him lift on his engagement day. So, its finally confirmed that Kabir is Saras’s brother. But the show should have not shown the flirting between Kabir and Ghuman, he being her son’s age. Kabir plans to take Ghuman with him to London and then end her story there. Menka is happy as she feels Ghuman is a very selfish woman and needs to be hanged. So many twists going on in the show. Kabir’s truth is soon to be revealed in the show and before he goes London, he will be stopped by Saras and Kumud. Keep glued.

3 comments on “Kabir to take countless years old revenge from Ghuman in Saraswatichandra

  1. omg really!!!
    Thnx rainbow u hve relieved me.after getting that news i was so upset.i just luv this show and chemistry between samud.whoever is spreading this rumour chullu bhar pani mein doob maro.
    Once again thnx

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