Purab quits the goodness flock fuming on Meher and Sameer in Nadaan Parindey

nadaan parindey purab




Purab has got a real bad answer from Meher, when he proposed to her and admitted his feelings that he loves her and wants to marry her. Meher named his love as lust, and this has drawn him crazy and fuming red in anger. Purab has always loved Meher, and thought she rejected and insulted him many times, he did not take it on his heart. But now, having insulted his love, he can’t bear it anymore. He got drunk and saw Meher passing by. He catches her and tries to molest her. Purab tells Meher that he will show her the difference between love and lust and shocks Meher. Just in time, Iqbal (Sameer for them) comes there and beats Purab to save Meher. Purab is angry as he got suspended because of Sameer, and now even his dad is angry knowing he loves Meher. Purab got failed in career, love and family, all because of Meher and Sameer. He decides not to keep quiet.

Iqbal brings Meher home and they narrate the incident to Bebe. She does not believe at first, then complies. Purab can’t meet Bebe’s eyes and regrets. But his anger is still making him go against Meher. He sees Minty showing interest in him and Meher being very protective about Minty. He decides to use Minty against Meher, and hurt her and Sameer. Meher is scared as Minty is getting closer to Purab and Nimmi too is insisting on Minty to marry Purab. Minty is in love with Purab. Meher warns Purab to be away from Minty. But Purab replies her that now Minty will be paying for the insult Meher did of him, and he will take revenge from her via Minty. Meher gets tensed and tries to keep Minty away. Purab misbehaves with Meher and tells her that he had pity and love for her in his heart before, but now just anger, and her good old days of smiling are gone, now she will just cry, and he will be the one who will ruin her happiness. What will Purab do now? Will Iqbal save Minty and Meher? Keep reading.

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