Ghuman plans to use Saraswati against Saras and Kumud in Saraswatichandra

saras and kumud in saraswatichandra




Kabir and Anushka are still on non talking terms, whereas Avinash has become a good link between them. Kabir has seen Avinash asking Anushka to marry him, but Anushka not giving any positive answer or anything that soothes his heart. He is hurt and feels Anushka does not love him. Everyone think to do something to make them closer, but Saras asks them to leave everything on time, as it’s the best healer and will definitely unite them one day. Ghuman has hit the jackpot as she has spotted Saraswati in the mental asylum, and is glad that Saraswati does not remember her. Ghuman has sent letters to Kumud and made her see Saraswati in this state. Kumud hides this fact from Saras as she does not want to give him any stress knowing his mum is so mentally unstable.

Ghuman plans to ruin Saras and Kumud’s relationship by using Saraswati, as she will make Saraswati meet her son, as promised, and make Kumud far from Saras’ life. Ghuman fills Saraswati’s ears against Kumud and asks her not to talk to her, as she is a very bad girl and can harm her and her son Chandra. Saraswati falls in her trap and acts rude and stays away from Kumud. Ghuman hires the nurse Aarti to execute her plan, and this time she is ready to hit everyone with her single evil magic wand. Ghuman recalls how Danny went against her because of Saras and Kumud, and is hell bent to take revenge from the duo. But will she care if Danny too gets hurt in this process, as his happiness is linked to his soul brother Saras now? The show is just exaggerating a lot, we feel sorry for Saras and Kumud who have given many tests for being together, and now another trouble lined up. Kumud who is hiding this truth of having met Saraswati, may make Saras angry when he knows the truth from someone else. What will happen ahead in the show, has to be seen….. Till then, keep reading.

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