Satyamev Jayate Season 3 9th November 2014 6th Episode (Finale) – When Masculinity Harms Men, Written Snapshot

Satyamev Jayate

Aamir informs on choosing a topic about men due to public demand since there were complaints of women based topics were chosen more. The topic is on Mardaangi (masculinity).

Aamir’s Discussion with Mahendra Singh:  Lost Son due to violent masculinity on Road
Aamir asks the men about the qualities of a real man (Asli Mard). Some men  there informs –  protector (Rakshak), strong, giving respect to women, strong, helping others, hardworking, good thinking, thoughtful, honest, no pain (Aamir gets a laugh and others), sensitive and love for people. Aamir then turns to women and asks about whether men have such qualities. One of the women suggests that men can only protect their own families. They think men to be not sensitive, not protector, not honest, not thoughtful, not good, and also not having pain.  Another woman suggests that men shows their strength in front of a weak person. Another man suggests that women there are generalizing about all men. Some other women suggests that men tries to control and are egoistic and aggressive.  Aamir informs that all men are not having these qualities. Aamir speaks that the fusion of these three qualities – control, egoistic, and aggressive becomes a dangerous cocktail and we see its results on roads. The AV shows the fights on roads for petty matters and Aakash, a 21 year old boy became a victim of such petty road incident and he was attacked resulting in his death. His father Mahendra Singh was working in Himachal Pradesh away from his family since 8 yrs and returned to find his son killed by men for some petty road incident.

Aakash went to fetch some paper from stationery and after some small incident, other biker men thrashed Aakash very badly which resulted in his death. Aamir asks viewers to think how would they feel about losing a boy for some petty incident ? The attacker boy’s father didn’t stop his son who was thrashing Aakash and instead giving encouragement. Mahendra Singh speaks that the attacker boy’s father and family didn’t have any guilt feelings. Aakash’s mother also breaks down and speaks of her daughters missing their brother very dearly. Aamir asks why so much anger and violence and provides support to them. Aamir suggests that in engineering and medical colleges we find similar instances and the AV shows the ragging case in the college which is violent in nature and youngsters are physically and sexually abused.

Mahendra Singh on losing his son - Satyamev Jayate

Aamir’s Discussion with Triveni Sahai: Lost Son because of Ragging and Abuse
Triveni ji’s son Amit went to study in a engineering college in Jalandhar and speaks of receiving a call from his son but he didn’t shared any serious problem  and cited of ragging until 4:00 am in the morning and lack of sleep. Amit has hidden a big thing and next day 12th October 2005, Triveni ji learnt that his son died because of a train accident. He collected the body and with help of media learnt that some 10 to 12 men have their role in the killing of his son.  He learnt from the note which police didn’t share initially that his son felt humiliated badly and was sexually abused. Triveni ji took legal course to punish those 10 boys and they got 3 yrs punishment but received quick bail and the case is still going on. Aamir consolidates him. Aamir speaks with Gaurav Singhal via 3G link who works with National Anti-Ragging Helpline whose toll free no is 1800-180-5522. Gaurav informs that in a year the anti-ragging helpline receives 5 to 6 Lakh phone calls and the feeling of superiority/macho image which defines masculinity are the reasons and also to prove, ragging is done.

Triveni Sahai on losing his son due to Ragging - Satyamev Jayate


Aamir’s discussion with Vipin, Lenin, Ram, Chinndrapal and Madan ji
Aamir speaks of a pattern in violence which is in 95 % of the cases, men are involved and wants to asks what is reason behind it. He gave the reference that our Prime Minister spoke on India’s independence day 15th August that time has come that we focus on how our boys’ upbringing is being done.  Aamir speaks to five men from different states to know how their upbringing have been. The first man is Vipin Bhati from Delhi, Lenin from Benaras, Chinndrapal from Rajasthan, Ram Mehar and Madan Lal Bharti from Haryana. Vipin speaks that during his childhood he was tied over a well to see how much strong he is and was around 4 years and used to have fears. Lenin ji speaks of his family didn’t give much importance to girls and calls a Mauga, a term to demean men. Chinndrapal suggests his mentality was influenced by his family and now learnt of doing much wrong to his wife earlier. Ram Mehar also admits of violence against fights like punches to wife and after 2 fights/day only the men’s masculinity was defined. Madan ji shares his experience on not sending his sister to the school by thinking that it will effect his self-respect and now he has done M.A. and B.Ed but his sister just studied until 5th standard and thus he killed her potential and equates it to a murder. Lenin ji speaks of his uncle/aunty didn’t have emotional connect and only have physical relationship and are called Mauga if they carry their child and walk. Aamir speaks that he always showers warm hug to his son (young child) and carries him in his arms during walking. Lenin ji cites that emotions are missing in some society which results in cruel things and people  were fighting against each other in his village to prove their masculinity. Lenin ji speaks that society who doesn’t love women gets involved in violence which shatters peace.

Satyamev Jayate - Reasons behind masculinity


Aamir’s discussion with Laxmi and Alok – Stop Acid Attacks Organization
Aamir speaks about inequality thinking led to many shameful crimes on women these days and one such effect is Acid attacks and the reasons for it – one sided love and the inability to accept NO. Alok and Lakshmi are working with Stop Acid Attacks organization which works to improve the life of women affected by such attacks. Lakshmi  and Alok comes to speak with Aamir. Lakshmi speaks that  she met with an acid attack in 2005 and was 15 yrs old then studying in 7th standard and a neighbor, a man of 32 yrs old proposed to her. She used to call him Bhaiya (brother) but the man tortured and harassed her for 10 months before the acid attack. She didn’t inform her parents in those 10 months since she had the fear of losing going to school and parents putting blame on her. The man confessed his love to her forcibly though she made it clear to him on not accepting his favors. She didn’t gave reply and the man along with his younger brother’s girlfriend came to her and threw the acid on her face. Her face was bloated and heavy after the attack and was feeling like fire. Nobody helped her on the road and she even begged them but finally she got help and went in a police van. It took 2 surgeries and even eyes skin used to get stitched.  Aamir salutes her emotional strength since she didn’t break mentally. Alok Dixit, Lakshmi’s partner speaks about being sad because of many problems and have met Lakshmi who went through many problems and fought and regards her as his motivation and finally found love with her. Lakshmi speaks that when an ego hurts, the man can do such acid attacks and the girl’s NO to him is not taken lightly. The attacker is now in jail but just 4 days after the attack got married. Aamir asks how such a man got married ? Alok speaks that society makes sure the attacker man gets married. Aamir wants people to ask the question: How far we have gone down in accepting  them ? Aamir thinks the time has come when need to pause and ask ourselves where we have reached as a society.


Discussion with Kamla Basin – Have done work on Masculinity, Her Message -> Understand the Power of Love
Kamla ji has also written a book on Masculunity. Aamir asks her about masculinity thinking ? Kamla ji speaks that violent masculinity is attached with Power and neither with inequality nor justice. If I am powerful then right type of attitude. She speaks that the dialogue – Taakat se Mohabbat Mat karo, Mohabbat ki Taakat ko Samjho. She suggests that nature (khudrat in Hindi) have made only one difference between men and women [regarding the capacity to give birth] and all other things are the same. She says the women can be dangerous as well and are curbed by patriarchal thinking and if they get power they will also employ it.  She suggests that one who involves in violence also loses his humanity and according to public stats 40 % of husbands beats their wife. She informs that something might have died inside that person who gets involved in such activities. She says that when someone is raped, the rapists’ respect goes and not of the victim. She says that some men are standing up and there are two sides – equality and inequality for women. But more importantly, we need to work inside ourselves to make things better and for humanity to become bigger. Kamla ji says the men are regarded to be stronger, taller, fit and their sexual performance is another problem but where other men will go who are not fitting those qualities. She cites the example of finding some posters in the market like Sheila Jeet medicine to boost their performance.


Aamir’s Discussion with Bollywood Superstars – Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut and Parineeti Chopra on Reel vs. Real
Aamir welcomes actresses – Deepika, Kangana, and Parineeti. He shows an AV to them which shows that cinema has a strong relationship with the society. Some of lessons they show – forcible kiss is fine for the girl, passing comments on her, slapping easily, forcibly approaching, considering girl as a thing and no problems in item numbers. The lyrics of item numbers is very bad in the name of entertainment and in the end hero gets its heroine. Aamir asks about their reactions when someone tries to forcibly come and tease them. Deepika speaks of not liking and tolerating such behavior and in the past she have gone through such case. Kangana says that the prevalent thought is  when girls say NO it means Yes. She couldn’t understand that thought and according to her a NO means NO. Aamir also admits on doing things which were not right in his earlier movies and have realized it now and understand them well. Parineeti speaks of slapping the men who tries to come and kiss her. She informs there is a big difference between films and real life. She speaks of idolization with big stars – SRK, Aamir in her city – Ambala and reminds about her childhood days. She used to go on bicycle and some boys used to pass comments on her and she felt very bad. Kangana speaks of being punched in the chest by some boys who were riding a bike during her studies in Chandigarh. She fainted and fell on the ground and remained unconscious for 5 mins. Kangana calls such tease and harassment as trauma and calls as the worst thing. In the real-life, you can go in jail and in the films the men escapes the girl’s anger and does many other things. Kangana suggests that dark characters, negative are written by Shakeaspeare but its infuence is positive.  Kangana thinks that dark cinema is fine but its consequences should be shown as well and such people who shows such attitude don’t hurt women but also their own family as well.  She says the words in lyrics – girls called Tandoori chicken is not right and what is shown in cinema is shameful and not good for the coming generations. Deepika speaks of not taking things seriously until now but will take more care in the future. The audience admits that many wrong things are shown in movies and Aamir wants the creative people like him to be more thoughtful in making movies and know what lessons are they giving.

Parineeti Chopra on Satyamev Jayate's Grand Finale

The Mumkin Hai campaign question is: Should our films stop portraying women as an ‘item’ or an ‘object’ ? If you agree, give a missed call – 1800 833 4006 (toll free). Aamir will provide people support to film makers, writers, directors and other people. Kangana shares an experience of a child imitating an item song and took a lesson from her and felt responsible in not taking part in the item songs offered to her and have rejected 6 songs in the last 3 to 4 yrs. Aamir asks Deepika on what kind of man she likes. Deepika says that men need to emote and express their feelings and believes that women like those qualities of a man. She thinks that men wants to make money and support their family but its more important for a women is that they just want to be loved. Parineeti supports Deepika’s point. Kangana speaks of liking a sensitive guy and Aamir informs her that he is also sensitive just to pull her leg. Kangana suggests that other qualities are caring and also sharing her work. Parineeti doesn’t want a guy like her father since he is strict and speaks of not liking men’s ego and instead wants a man who has confidence. Aamir thanks them and showers a hug.

Mumkin Hai Campaign to stop portraying the women as object or item - Satyamev Jayate


Discussion with Bollywood Megastar – Amitabh Bachchan, Raising Them Right
Aamir welcomes Amitabh Bachchan by citing him as the biggest superstar in the history of Indian films. Aamir asks Big B (Sr. Bachchan) about his thoughts on violence. Sr. Bachchan speaks of the environment in which you are grown, upbringing and people around you cast a big impression on you. He speaks of having a positive and vibrant environment in his family during his grown-up days. He speaks of giving Abhishek the love of a friend right from his birth and informs of giving equal status to both his children. He says that his son and daughter will get all the things (money, properties) in equal proportion and will be written down in his family will. Big B shares an anecdote of the time when he was studying in Delhi University and there was Miranda House where boys used to visit often to see girls. There was a play in Miranda House and he was chosen to take part in the play along with 2 other boys. He went there and there was a hostel and for the first time found girls were teasing him and other boys. At that time, he learnt what girls would feel when boys make such remarks on them. Sr. Bachchan suggests that teaching the male child to always act like a man such practice should be stopped. They needs to told to have honesty and be a true person. Aamir suggests that fear is also an emotion and Big B speaks of crying as well and we need to know that we are humans and there can be weaknesses – fear, others which we have to accept. Aamir thanks Big B for coming on the show.

Amitabh Bachchan on Satyamev Jayate's Grand Finale

Discussion with Mahadev, Atul Agnihotri, and Omprakash Chokker: Challenging Stereotypes
Aamir speaks to some men who showed  masculinity which favors equality. Mahadev used to fight and beat his wife and his thinking change after connecting with an organization. Another man Omprakash Chokker (policeman) accepted his daughter’s wish to pursue MBA and allowed her to study and even took loan of 2.5 lakhs INR. Another man Atul Agnihotri from Pune speaks of being pressured to work and decided to instead become a home maker and wife earning money. All three of them have tried to solve the puzzle of a real man (Asli Mard). Atul ji speaks of becoming alcoholic due to peer pressure and his wife saw it all and supported him in his bad times. He has been taking care of home since 15 yrs and is happy. Atul ji’s wife is also content and his daughter Mrunmayee speaks of being frank with friends about his father’s work as a home-maker who supports her. Omprakash’s ji daughter Vandana Chokker speaks of doing MBA and now works as a banker. She calls herself an asset to the family and not a burden. Mahadev ji speaks of thinking women as a thing or object before but have now realized to respect them. He speaks of taking care of his son’s household chores and doesn’t worry what society thinks and says that child’s love will remove a father’s stress.

Aamir signs off and ends Satyamev Jayate Season 3:
Aamir speaks of an organization Centre for Health and Social Justice which show is supporting and Abhijit Das is representing it and present there. Aamir provide details of Axis Bank, Airtel money and Reliance foundation will give 1 crore support to it. Aamir first thanks all for supporting Satyamev Jayate Season 3. He speaks that the time has come to change the definition of masculinity and we should give the same upbringing to our children. We should teach them love, mercy (karuna), sympathy, equality, forgiveness  and not give them the support to violence, forcible manners and inform them about the power of love. Aamir finally signs off by saying Jai Hind.. Satyamev Jayate.

Satyamev Jayate - Emblem of India

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Episode Video – Satyamev Jayate 6th Episode (Finale), Hindi

Mumkin Hai Episode

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