Ishwar gets attacked by Bhaiya ji; Imli to become bonded labor in Udaan

chakor in udaan

Chakor is dreaming to meet her family and wishing they come to cheer her on the sports race. Lakhan has caught Bhuvan and Kasturi red handed while going to Sitapur, and has turned the bus wheel back to haveli. They are presented infront of Bhaiya ji again, and their dreams to get freed from Aazaadgunj have turned down. Tejaswini keeps a condition infront of Kasturi, that she will be taking Imli making her a bonded child, if they don’t get Chakor back in one week. She says she will stamp on Imli’s hand, to turn her into a Bandhua, as they have to pay a price for their oversmart actions.

On the other hand, Bhaiya ji sends some goons to beat Ishwar, who is waiting in Sitapur for Chakor’s family. They beat him red and blue, and show it as an accident thing. Ishwar fails to meet Chakor’s parents. Abha comes to know about Ishwar’s state and worried for him. Prabhakar realizes he did a big mistake by telling Bhaiya ji about Bhuvan bringing his family to Lucknow, as it turned out o be fatal for Ishwar. Ishwar does not lose courage and thinks about his promise made by Chakor, that he will bring her parents to her on the race day. Will he able to keep up his promise? Keep reading.

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