TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week

this week spoiler pic

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
While Ranvir loves Ishani, she still hates him cursing him to make her apart from Chirag. The couple is together in same room, but gets caught in the embarrassing situation. He comes to the room to take a file, and she comes of the bathroom in just a towel knowing he left for office. She dries her hair and the water falls on his face, making him turn and see her. Ranvir is shocked seeing Ishani post bath. She is shocked seeing him and runs. She slips and he holds her, having an eyelock. Ishani misses the friend in Ranvir, but is confused. She asks him not to stare at her, and he can’t resist as she is his wife and childhood love. Ranvir gifts a red saree asking her to get ready soon. They come closer by the sweet odd romantic moments and the show will bring more light hearted arguments between them.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Vikrant has kidnapped Simar. Prem, Roli and Siddhant check for them at the bus stop as they come to know that they are leaving the city. They doubt on an odd couple, but its not Simar and Vikrant. They fail to find Simar. Prem is adamant to find Simar, as he can’t let her go.

Maharana Pratap:
Pratap and Ajabde start a war in the market. She becomes his enemy as her trust on him breaks. The sword fighting scene is added in the show again. Pratap defends well. Ajabde calls him a traitor and he throws the sword in anger. He raises his hand on her, saying how dare she say this. She gives him the sword again to fight. Its time for the misunderstandings to clear between Maharana Pratap and Maharani Ajabde.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:
Nisha finds Viraj’s sister drunk and meeting an accident. She helps the girl and saves her life. Viraj is rich and from a respected family. He wants to keep his sister have a composed life, but she is leading her life out of track. Viraj does not leave her, and wants to show the right path to her by the help of Nisha. Nisha is the savior of many people and saves his sister from his anger. Nisha hopes to impress Viraj and get the job in his academy. But Nisha is already awarded the place, as she is the problem solver. She tries to hide his sister, but Viraj sees her and gets raged.

Ek Hasina Thi:
Durga succeeds in freeing Dev from the court case and he gets released from jail. Sakshi is stunned to see the video clip of the nurse harming Raima. Rajnath did not expect this to happen, but focuses to take revenge on Sakshi. He starts calling her and blackmailing her about her identity Sakshi Rahmat Khan. He plans to get the video clip by which Sakshi blackmailed him and forced him to marry her. He thinks once he gets the video clip, he will kill Sakshi. Sakshi gets tensed getting anonymous calls and hides the matter from Rajnath. Dev comes home and finds more similarities between Durga and Nitya. He decides to find out about Durga via Dayal and hope he gets to know Nitya is alive in Durga’s form. Suchitra supports Dev to start the war against the Goenkas. Durga, Dev and Suchitra get together to plot against Sakshi, Rajnath and Shaurya. Durga wants to secure Kangana from Karan, and the track will shift on exposing Karan, thus leading to Shaurya’s evil character exposure.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:
Radha has decided to take the advantage of the project function to show down the Modis. The project was on Rashi’s name. Radha could not bear to see this. Urmila taunts her and Radha angrily holds her neck to strangle her. Urmila curses her and Radha could not say anything, as Kokila has shut her mouth. Everyone try to free Urmila from Radha. Radha spoils the scene in the party. Jigar attends the party with Paridhi. Paridhi hugs Gopi as their bond is changing, post Radha’s evil.

Chakor is dreaming to meet her family and wishing they come to cheer her on the sports race. Lakhan has caught Bhuvan and Kasturi red handed while going to Sitapur, and has turned the bus wheel back to haveli. They are presented infront of Bhaiya ji again, and their dreams to get freed from Aazaadgunj have turned down. Tejaswini keeps a condition infront of Kasturi, that she will be taking Imli making her a bonded child, if they don’t get Chakor back in one week. She says she will stamp on Imli’s hand, to turn her into a Bandhua, as they have to pay a price for their oversmart actions. On the other hand, Bhaiya ji sends some goons to beat Ishwar, who is waiting in Sitapur for Chakor’s family. They beat him red and blue, and show it as an accident thing. Ishwar fails to meet Chakor’s parents. Abha comes to know about Ishwar’s state and worried for him. Prabhakar realizes he did a big mistake by telling Bhaiya ji about Bhuvan bringing his family to Lucknow, as it turned out o be fatal for Ishwar. Ishwar does not lose courage and thinks about his promise made by Chakor, that he will bring her parents to her on the race day. Will he able to keep up his promise?

Zarina has been successful in planting Rocket in Zain’s place. Rocket has been attracted to Aaliya, and wants to get close to her. He does not do the property taking work, and tears the papers, as he wants to be with Aaliya. Zarina gets angry seeing Rocket go against her. Zain is saved by some men and they identity him as Rocket. He is then taken care of by Rocket’s mum Mrs Fernandez. Aaliya feels something wrong is happening. On the fast track, Zain will be back in Barkat Royale and Rocket has to part ways from his deal and Aaliya. Zain and Aaliya will be together again and make a happy ending for the show.

Piya Basanti Re:
Piya and Kabeer have been on a romantic night date on their wedding night. He takes her to her dreamy world, and everything looks just perfect. Piya is overwhelmed seeing his love, and it’s time for the love confession, which is due till now. The couple then has a romantic dance followed by their love confession. Piya and Kabeer enlighten their romance.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman stares at Ishita while she gets ready in a beautiful saree. She looks really gorgeous in a net saree with a low-shoulder blouse. Even her hair do is different. Ishita get ready to leave for Shagun’s hen party. She makes the Indo Western look and Raman can’t get his eyes off her. They talk via signs and he comes to her. He compliments her and they share a sweet smile. He gets closer to confess his feelings, and he fails to say having no words to tell her. She waits for his reaction. She does not understand what he wants to tell her, by his signs and smiles. Raman asks where she is heading. She says she is going in all girls party organized by Shagun and its new to her. He says its good if its just girls party, else he would have stopped her, as she is looking very pretty. She gets confused to choose her earrings and neck accessories. Raman helps her by giving stupid suggestions, making her even more confused. She feels shy seeing Raman in the mirror, looking at her. She says Raman has children with Shagun, and there are many strings connected between them and Shagun, even if Raman hates Shagun, they have to be part of her marriage celebrations, as Ishita is also related to Shagun by Mihika.

Jamai Raja:
Sid tries to impress Roshni, trying to convince her to take her on holiday. He sings Aamir Khan’s Aati Kya Khandala song and says his dialogues, but he wants to take her to Lonavla. Its Nani’s birthday, and he makes a surprise plan to give a great birthday party to Nani. Sid wants to relieve Roshni by making a plan, as she forgot about Nani’s birthday. She worries for the budget and asks him how will he manage the finance. Sid says he will do everything, and he will get rich for her. Roshni says she does not need money, but just his love. Sid says Nani loves Lonavla and that’s all that matters, asking her not to worry about budget. Roshni agrees to Sid trusting him.

Hum Hain Na:
Sagarika is doing all the bahu duties and still Amma looks to be annoyed. Bunty wants Sagarika and Amma’s relation to be good, and asks them to go for shopping. He wishes that the shopping brings the ladies together. Amma does not agree to go. Bunty gets the support of his family and wife to make Amma agree. Sagarika tries hard to convince Amma. Amma agrees finally and the duo goes for shopping. Later on, Bunty and Sagarika will be going to Mumbai on honeymoon.

KumKum Bhagya:
Pragya gets scolded by Abhi for cheating him by having an affair with Suresh. Pragya taunts him back to be in relation with Tanu even after he got married to her. She says he does not have right to question her or point to her character. Abhi gives 24 hours to Pragya to prove she is innocent. Pragya decides to clean the stain off her name, and expose the evil doers who made the fake MMS. Abhi and Pragya go and pick Dadi from the Jagran. Dadi planned this to bring Abhi and Pragya together. Pragya attends the Mata Rani Jagran and prays for her and Abhi’s relation. Abhi does not trust Lord and asks the pandit not to tie the spiritual thread. Pragya takes and ties the protective thread to Abhi, and wants to make her broken relation intact and clear the misunderstandings. Dadi believes in Pragya and wants to see her proved innocent in Abhi’s eyes.

Qubool Hai:
Sanam runs from Razia’s clutches, but is chased by her goons again. Razia breaks the truth to her that her look alike Seher is her twin sister. Sanam is shocked and gets an inclination to meet Seher. Meanwhile, Seher is being materialistic and does not care for Aahil. Haya comes in the Nikaah and tells Qubool Hai shocking everyone that she got her voice. Haya has fallen in Faiz’s words that Rahat is doing Halala Nikaah, to make her remarry him. She has lost trust on Rahat and does not even want to question him. Faiz thought Haya will not marry Rahat this time, but he is shocked as she accepts the Nikaah. Rahat is happy to see Haya speaking up for herself. Sanam tries to meet Seher, and eventually the sisters come face to face. Sanam is glad to see Seher, but Seher has mixed emotions, as she has greed in her and wants to just safeguard herself. Will Seher get rid of her negativity and do something better for her and Sanam’s future?

Baldev dreams Veera to be running after him with the garlands to marry him. He finds her dressed like Simran, and later realizes it was his dream. Veera tries to convince Baldev, but comes to know that Baldev agreed to marry Simran. She gets heartbroken. Ranvi tells everyone not to talk about Baldev at home, as this can hurt Veera’s feelings and make her upset. Veera thinks she should leave to play tricks on Baldev to win his love. She then comes to know that Simran is not a nice girl and tries to expose Simran and Amrit. Veera tells everyone that she wants to go in Baldev’s haldi, as he is Gunjan’s brother. She wants to save Baldev from Simran, as she loves him. She tries making Baldev jealous by acting sweet to Rajveer. She wants to get close to Baldev by becoming a part of his marriage functions.

Shastri Sisters:
Bua ji asks Alka to prove her character, and that affair with Rajeev was wrongly shown to her by Astha. Alka takes up the task and wants to show it to Bua ji that she loves just Rohan. Alka is given 24 hours by Bua ji. Bua ji asks her to leave home herself as she fails to prove herself right. Astha sees a shadow in Alka’s room and takes Bua ji to show her. It turns out on Alka’s favor and Astha’s plan fails. Alka proves herself right, and Bua ji is glad and asks her to stay at home. Rohan and Alka start giving the marriage another chance. Bua ji and everyone goes to receive her daughter, and leave the couple along at home. Alka confessed her feelings to Rohan and they get closer. Rohan who defended Alka infront of Bua ji, is still unsure about Alka, and suppressed his feelings. Will Rohan and Alka take the marriage ahead? He will eventually accept her, and viewers will get to see their romantic union.

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai:
Arjun promises Poorvi that he will get her brother Lakshya safe back home till morning. Watan spots Arjun and a girl (Poorvi) in the car back seat and misunderstands them. He smiles and asks Arjun to carry on. He asks about the girl, and Arjun not does disclose its Poorvi. He saves Poorvi from Watan and sends her home. Neelima and Shankar Dayal get angry on Poorvi for trusting Bachcha Singh’s son Arjun. Poorvi tells them that this time she is sure Arjun will not go against them. Arjun tells Poorvi that he can do anything for her love, and its upto her whether she wants to accept his love or reject her, as he leaves everything on her. Poorvi starts realizing Arjun is really changing. Will she give him a chance in love?

Aakash sees Anjali standing on the top of the mount and starts taking her pics. He smiles seeing her stand at the height and feel the freshness of life’s beauty. Anjali signs him to stop taking pics, and he is amazed to see a gutsy girl. Anjali comes to know that NIM seats are occupied and she can’t get admission now. she tried hard but fails. She gets determined that she can’t go back home without fulfilling her dad’s dreams. Will Akash come to her help and get her admission done in NIM?

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:
Niranjan is changing into a positive person. Anjali finds him in the temple and notices the positive behavior towards a girl. Niranjan misses out Anjali at home. Varad is becoming more selfish to keep Shlok away from home, and even Sojal has got influenced by her mum Jaya’s words. Sojal and Varad think to rule the house in Shlok and Astha’s absence. Shlok is disappointed as he is not getting any proper job. Astha does the anniversary surprise arrangements and he does not notice it. Astha gets upset. Later on, Shlok realizes her efforts and there are some romantic moments between them as he also gives her a surprise for their first wedding anniversary. He lights the heart shape on ground and Astha is surprised to see Shlok standing with open arms. The couple hug and have some sweet light moments. He takes her and shows the cake surprise he planned for her. Astha gets glad seeing his efforts. He thanks her for being his life partner, and he is nothing without her. Shlok and Astha lead the job search task together and find a good job in a big company, where they try to make their own identity. They will work for a suave businessman, and slowly the track will be changing to his life and family, getting linked to Shlok and Astha. The viewers can expect a new male lead opposite Astha soon. Will their boss create troubles in Astha and Shlok’s love?

Laut Aao Trisha:
Kabeer finds out some evidences which point out Pratik is behind Trisha’s kidnapping, as he finds out the pen drive having Trisha’s pics and even gets her ATM card with Pratik, which was with Trisha at the kidnapping time. Pratik is self centered and Kabeer feels Pratik is responsible for this, as he is concerned just about his Swaika business. Kabeer tells Amrita that he doubts Pratik. Amrita does not believe Kabeer, and asks him to get more solid evidence. But the twist is the mysterious Neha, who looks like framing Pratik in the kidnapping case and getting hold of everything.

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