Jagmal’s crimes get revealed to Udai Singh and faces his fury; Pratap’s innocence comes out

Maharana Pratap on Sony TV

Ajabde meets Pratap who is in jail after getting convicted for the murder of Dhaman Singh and attack on Dheer Bai. He haven’t spoken the truth and is trying to protect Jagmal. She reminds about his promise for motherland which is supreme for him and asks why he is protecting the guilty Jagmal. He ponders on Ajabde’s words and recollects a scenario where Akbar coming to rule Mewar with Jagmal accepting defeat and wishes to not see it coming true. Next, Jagmal is going to fall in his own trap and his evil actions are going to replayed in front of Udai Singh and others and the truth of him being the culprit comes out in open. What follows after is fury from Udai Singh. He beats him with hunter infront of everyone and moreover he is shell shocked knowing Pratap was protecting Jagmal and has taken the blame on his head.

Pratap has come out clean of all crimes, and the entire Mewar watches the bad punishment for Jagmal. Jagmal’s crime guilt and his nervousness to perceive Dhaman Singh alive has resulted in his crime getting revealed. Ajabde’s efforts along with Maan Bai, Patta have bore fruit in Pratap’s release as well. What will be Dheer Bai’s response to see Jagmal getting severe thrashing and her dreams to make him the Prince of Mewar falling flat ?

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