Titu and Panchi’s first outing after marriage to Shivgarh to test their understanding and reliance

panchi titu tu mera hero

Govind comes to know of Panchi’s dislike for laziness and her believe that people should have aim in life and fulfill and complete many things everyday. He gets worried and thinks if Panchi comes to know of Titu’s laziness and no work then there will be problems and wants to hide those details until Titu falls in love with her. Rekha – Titu’s aunt wants to reveal the truth of Titu’s laziness to Panchi and her family to create troubles for Agarwal family. Panchi shows another instance of her belief when he asks Titu to pack his bags by himself and not take his mom’s help. Titu’s family is going to visit a temple in Shivgarh and are joined by Rekha & her family. Titu’s mom have taken a wish (Mannat) at the temple and only after prayers Titu was born. The wish was to have a visit to the temple once Titu gets married and thus travel plan is made. Meanwhile, Panchi’s sister Rachna’s honeymoon gets cancelled as the hotel rooms cost double and her husband Chetan’s mom compels them to stay back. Panchi gives an idea to Rachna & family and invites them to come with them to Shivgarh and it works out in practice. All the three families begin their travel with bus and Titu getting much pamper during the journey. On the way, Panchi and Rachna’s bags fell off from the bus and they realize after coming to Shivgarh. As their dresses are lost, Titu suggests them to wear local traditional sarees which they can buy from nearby shop. Panchi and Rachna wear Maharashtrian sarees [Red and white  Ghagra Cholis] and impresses all.

Titu’s laziness is going to be tested at the temple in Shivgarh with prayers time set at an early time in morning and it is going to be challenge for him. There are some other rituals and one of them is lighting lamps (Diyas) around the corners of the temple. Titu’s laziness with goodness comes to play. Titu lits lamps around Panchi instead of placing them around different corners of the temple thereby lessening the amount of work. To justify his approach, he suggests that the lamps around his wife Panchi will bring direct light and happiness to her and by lighting lamps around the temple will bring good only for the temple. Titu in his usual self continues to not hurt others while finding ways to do less work and also knows the knack to impress Panchi. However, there is lurking danger with Govind trying to hide Titu’s no work living and Rekha also waiting for an opportune time to bad mouth Titu and his habits. Though Titu doesn’t love Panchi but whether they are going to come closer in their married life during the trip. Will Panchi steer Titu in shunning away some of his laziness ?

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