Roshni proves Chakor’s innocence in Udaan


Chakor’s step to save Roshni brings a positive change in her. Roshni gets against Suraj and Prince. She meets Imli after giving her exam and tells her that she realized her mistake. She says how Chakor has saved her from getting expelled and took all the blame on her. Imli asks Roshni to declare Chakor’s innocent infront of all villagers and accept her mistakes. Roshni agrees and goes with her to Aazaadgunj village. She addresses everyone and tells how Suraj and they have planned everything against Chakor.

She clears Chakor’s name and admits that she is innocent. No one believes Roshni and thinks of it as Chakor’s plan, as they have seen Chakor befriending haveli kids. Roshni comes to haveli and apologizes to Chakor. Roshni says she will not trouble her and breaks her friendship with Suraj. Chakor forgives her. Ragini tells Chakor that Arjun Sir is in Aazaadgunj, which makes Chakor happy and she plans to take part in the upcoming sports race in Sitapur and seek admission in school in sports quota.Will the villagers trust Chakor again? Keep reading.

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