Rudra rescues Shivanand from Naagvansh in MahaKumbh

rudra amahakumbh

Rudra comes to save Shivanand and reaches the Naag’s hideout. Rudra and Dansh have a fight, and finally Rudra aims gun at him. Leela tries to defend Dansh and comes in between. Rudra holds her captive and Dansh shoots at him, not caring for Leela’s life. Leela gets stunned and realizes Dansh can do anything to get Amrit. Rudra get raged seeing Shivanand’s bad state and the fight goes on. Dansh asks him to handover the second book and take Shivanand. Rudra ultimately gets Shivanand safe and also the book. He fools Dansh and escapes.

Later on, Rudra saves Leela’s life when she was falling down a cliff. He pulls her upwards. Naags again plan to trap Garuda to get Amrit. Leela turns positive and ends the enmity towards Garudas, after the origins story which Dansh told her about Garudas, which turned her bitter towards them. Earlier, she was eager to take revenge and settle scores for the injustice done with her ancestors. Will Leela be able to change Dansh’s mind too, or will this tend to be Leela’s plan to distract Rudra from his Amrit protection mission? The show will proceed towards the major fight between Naags and Garudas, for claiming their right over Amrit and saving the world from evil powers. Keep reading.

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