Gumrah Season 5 19th April 2015 Episode 5 – Dr. Anuj’s mistaken Love, with Karan Patel on Channel [V] – Written Update

Karan Patel - host of Gumrah 5

Karan Patel (the host) speaks that Love is a confusing emotion since it can be lively while could be be deadly. The story starts, the day is 30th September 2011 @ 11:40 PM at C.T hospital. A young doctor – Dr. Anuj is seen sitting with an old lady patient and he reminisces the past moments some 21 hours ago where he was complimented by a senior doctor Dr. Awasthy. But he also got a warning to not attempt surgery without permission. He also recollects the lady patient asking for death since she wants to die peacefully, and how her family not keen to take care of her. He comes back to present and apologizes to the old lady for giving her much troubles by giving life for one day. He removes the oxygen mask leading to her death and suggests on doing it so as to rectify his mistake.

Karan (the host) speaks that Anuj was doing residence studies in a Nasik hospital after M.B.B.S studies. He was having sharp mind but he wasn’t normal. Whether he was himself responsible for his state of mind ?

Later on, Anuj meets a head nurse who suggests that the old lady might have died due to old age. He then finds a young girl Gayatri being brought in a critical state there. He attends her and starts looking and takes the responsibility on informing Dr. Awasthy by himself. He performs the surgery and the day is 1st October 2011 @ 12:10 AM. Gayatri wakes up post surgery next morning and is informed about her accident. Anuj comes to meet her and informs that she got multiple injuries. She is worried on meeting an accident and he provides his rationale that an accident can happen with anyone. He asks her to remain calm and rest. She thanks him for treating her and offers to have a handshake. Anuj accepts it and she goes on to provide contact no of someone close to a nurse. He takes the note from the nurse by wanting to contact Gayatri’s family by himself. Karan (the host) asks what’s going on in Anuj’s mind ?

Later, in night Anuj takes dinner and ignores the note which has contact info on Gayatri’s potential BF – Sahil Khan. Next morning, he brings flowers for Gayatri to have freshness. She asks whether Sahil received the info about her, and Anuj replies that Sahil will come soon. With a smile on her face, she asks him to come at her home once she gets discharged. He suggests lunch can be taken anywhere and invites her for lunch tomorrow at his home situated in hospital quarters. Gayatri agrees and comes to Anuj’s home and even helps in cooking. She asks for cumin seeds to prepare Paneer Pulao but he replies on not having it. He asks her to take rest and will prepare Paneer Pulaoo by himself. She thanks him for her recovery and glad to meet him.

Karan (the host) speaks that Anuj was getting attention and is mistaken to take it as love. He was trying to close options which make Gayatri go away from him. This is in contrast to the lively and warm feelings she was sharing with him.

Anuj is seen with the head nurse on 3rd October 2011 @ 11:15 PM at C.T hospital. She informs Anuj on his makeover – clothes, smiles, paneer pulao over khichdi. She asks about his dad and he gets reminded on his childhood and trashing/abuse received from his dad. His dad is getting treatment now to control alcohol consumption but he doesn’t keep hope in his dad having change. She talks about knowing his interests in Gayatri and gives advise asking him to write a letter to express his feelings. Later, Anuj comes to meet Gayatri with a letter and rose in a colorful attire – red shirt and tie. Soon, he gets introduced to Sahil – Gayatri’s BF there. She informs Anuj on using a nurse’s phone to call Sahil, and learnt that Sahil wasn’t informed. Sahil informs Anuj that she doesn’t have family support and actually lied to her parents on going to Goa.

Anuj talks on completing the discharge formality by tomorrow. She asks him to come for her marriage definitely. He goes out and recollects on how Gayatri introduced Sahil who even kissed her. After a while, Anuj overhears Sahil speaking to Gayatri that he thinks Dr. Anuj likes her. But she suggests Anuj is showing care like he does with other patients. Soon, Gayatri starts to vomit and speaks of getting pain. Anuj comes to attend her and touches her stomach while asking if she is getting pain. He recollects on giving high dose of medicines to Gayatri.

Karan (the host) speaks that Anuj was misusing his medical knowledge. He misused to the extent that she was unable to get up from her bed. Karan suggests that you should not force someone to stay with you for love.

Sahil speaks to Anuj on changing the hospital since Gayatri is not showing signs of improvement. Anuj gets into a fix when Sahil wants to bring the injection from Pune. Later, Anuj comes to Gayatri’s room and talks to her while coming close. He kisses and touches her and speaks of loving her. Moreover, he will not send her away since she belongs to him. Anuj meets Gayatri in the corridor later on 16th October 2011 @ 1:35 am. She gives him the stethoscope which she found at her bed. She hurriedly calls Sahil asking him to come early since she has a doubt that Anuj came to her room last night and touched her. The nurse comes to medicine room and finds that Anuj has mixed poison in Gayatri’s medicines. Anuj gets nervous to see his crime coming to forefront. She wants to reveal the truth to Dr. Awasthy but he stops her by choking to death.

After killing her, Anuj goes to give a sedative injection to Gayatri who tries to stop him in doing so but in vain. Later on, Anuj takes Gayatri to his home while Sahil couldn’t find his fiance Gayatri at the hospital. He searched her for 1 hour and then meets the dean to know about Gayatri’s whereabouts. He suspects Dr. Anuj’s role in the disappearance but the dean didn’t listen to him. The day is 16th October 2011 @ 2:40 PM. Anuj is seen with Gayatri at his home and she is seen unconcsious. He talks on Sahil not a good guy and can’t become a good husband like his dad. He reminds on how his mom committed suicide because of his dad’s behavior and abuse. He tries to put Mangalsutra on Gayatri and speaks that their marriage will be perfect.

Gayatri wakes up and asks him to leave her. Anuj brings a bridal dress for her but she begs him on leaving to home. He speaks of himself as a good husband and puts the lipstick while she cries with helplessness. Soon, he hears a door bell and hides her inside a box beneath the bed. He finds Sahil arriving there with police. The police starts searching for Gayatri because of Sahil’s complaint. The police men couldn’t find Gayatri there and the police inspector informs Sahil on finding Gayatri if she is not found even after 24 hours. Sahil hears Gayatri’s slightest voice and finds her hidden in a box. She gets glad to be rescued but sooner then Anuj gets hold of her and points a deadly syringe at her.

Anuj threatens Sahil to leave otherwise he will kill her. The police comes back again and asks Anuj to put down the syringe otherwise he will be shot. He doesn’t heed to police’s request and gets shot leading to his death. Finally, Gayatri is rescued, and Anuj going to the extreme in killing people and even retorting to threats for his so-called love brought his death.

Karan speaks that love is not earned by force. It becomes obsession when mind is used more instead of heart. And mostly it happens in one-sided love which makes you astray. Gayatri remained in trauma and because of the poisoning in her medicines she took many years for full recovery. Karan further adds that Anuj landed himself a public service job due to intelligence and could have accomplish much more with his good service. Instead, he misused his capabilities. Karan suggests all to be extra cautious and to not have blind trust on the one whom you are trusting. Karan signs off by saying – Be Safe, Do the right thing even if is the toughest thing for you to do.

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