Shastri Sisters to face more problems by Minty and Kajal


Devyaani gets the data in her pendrive from Neil’s laptop and Anu calls her to inform about Neil and Kajal coming home. Anu asks her to rush outside before anyone sees her. Devyaani starts leaving from Sareen house and Neil comes there. Devyaani gets tensed as Kajal asks her about her presence in their house. Devyaani lies and puts it on Anu. At the award ceremony, Rajat takes the award and gives the credit to Minty. Minty gets glad to get the credit of his success and hears him talking Anu’s name. She gets irked and leaves the place in anger. Neil sees Devyaani with the pendrive and asks her to return it to him as all data is confidential for his fashion website now.

Devyaani argues with him as its her hardwork in the website. She returns the data and leaves. Later on, she tells Sareens that she got the job. Neil gets stunned seeing Devyaani’s real talent and thinks how did she manage to get a good job so soon. Kajal returns the clothes to Anu and acts sweet to Minty. Minty gets angry on Anu and blames her for doing this cheap tactics at home. Will Anu be able to prove Kajal’s real intentions to the family? Keep reading.

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