Shikhar provides emotional support to Ishani after Falguni’s tragic death; Gauri Pradhan Tejwani bids adieu in MATSH

Falguni in MATSH

Ritika coming to know of Ishani being alive and then had her meetup, promise took a new turn with her ploy to harm Ishani and her family. She cannot see leaving RV and carries not only malice but also revenge towards Ishani & family. She set-up a plan to harm either Ishani or her family member, and Falguni falls in her trap leading to her death by falling down from the terrace. Shikhar, RV, Baa and others come to know of Falguni’s death during Krisha’s Roka (engagement) ceremony with Derwash. Ishani succeeded in evading RV’s eyes once again and had left home without meeting her mum for the last time.

With Falguni’s death, later on, Shikhar goes to inform Ishani about the same who then breaks down with such heartening news. Shikhar comes to know Falguni is Ishani’s mom and provides emotional support in her hard time. When Ishani realizes how her mom died, she tries to find clues behind her death which suggests foul play. She isn’t aware who conspired such an evil plan, and doesn’t know of Ritika’s plotting against her. Shikhar agrees with Ishani for investigation and also helps in taking her to Falguni’s last rites while hiding her from the world. Shikhar understands Ishani’s pain and his love gives him strength.

On another front, RV is worried about Ritika and he didn’t have any clue on what’s going on in her mind. Furthermore, he couldn’t meet Nirupa and continue to remain oblivious on Ishani being alive though wonders a bit about her presence. Even before her death, Falguni didn’t realize a bit on actual intentions of Ritika, and thought she might give a way for Ishani to be back with RV. Nevertheless, Ishani going to start a new phase in her life post Falguni’s tragic death, and Shikhar providing support. Shikhar loves Ishani but still doesn’t evoke much interest from her. Ishani had decided earlier to move on from RV since she thinks he is happy with Ritika. So, in regard to Shikhar, Will Ishani give a thought on reciprocating her feelings to him ? What’s going on in Ritika’s mind regarding the attack next, and how she tries to conceal her presumably crime from RV & others ?

* We [TellyReviews] wish the best to actress Gauri Pradhan Tejwani in her ongoing,and future work endeavors.

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