Suhani to impress Dadi after ruling out Soumya in Suhani Si…


Suhani decorates the bedroom for Soumya and Yuvraaj, as Dadi has asked her to do this work to make her feel hurt. Yuvraaj keeps on looking and Snoopi ruins the decorations. Yuvraaj feels Snoopi did what he wanted to do and gets glad. Soumya and Yuvraaj’s marriage has been cancelled by Dadi after she finds Krishna giving Soumya support and also close to her. Krishna comes with Soumya by carrying her in his arms to Birla’s family home. Soumya felt dizziness and unconscious and thus Krishna helped her. However, Yuvraaj’s Dadi gets agitated to see the sight of Krishna with Soumya. She is in shock and doesn’t take Soumya’s words when she wakes up. Dadi goes on to confront Soumya by demeaning her character and has doubts on her. She then cancels her marriage with Yuvraaj.

The new angle comes when Soumya decides to go back with Krishna, by apologizing to Suhani. Yuvraaj’s plan worked and he explains Dadi how Soumya has ditched him before for her love Krishna, and she can’t tie him with Soumya. He asks Dadi to give a chance to Suhani and try to see her goodness. The Birlas will be facing new problems in their business, where Suhani comes in picture, using her brains and solving the problem to impress Dadi. Will Suhani and Yuvraaj take their marriage ahead? Keep reading.

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