Pratap is gearing up to defend Akbar’s attack for the siege of Chittorgarh

Maharana Pratap

Akbar is mobilizing army for the impending attack on Chittor’s fort with thousands of soldiers from Ajmer also joining in. Pratap is in talks with the commander having around thousand skilled soldiers. Pratap’s messenger Rann singh is tortured by Akbar’s army in their custody and Akbar wanted to know from him about Pratap’s plans but isn’t successful. Khetu is going to kill Rann singh to relieve him from the torture and pain.

Meanwhile, Udai singh comes to know of Mughal’s army mobilization and awaits Pratap’s return. Also, arrangements are being made for post war scenario. Later on, Pratap manages to ward off the attacks from Mughal’s army at Chittor. But there are more attacks with cannons from Mughals army and matching them is a difficult proposition for Pratap and Udai Singh. Mughals are also cutting the supply of grains for Chittor to paralyze the town. Will Pratap be able to win the support of the skilled soldiers ? How is he going to defend further attacks from Akbar for the seige of Chittor fort ?

* We [TellyReviews] congratulate the cast and the team of Maharana Pratap for completing 400 episodes recently.

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