Anu fails to prove Kajal’s pregnancy certainty in Shastri Sisters


Anu tells Minty about Kajal’s pregnancy and brings doctor Renuka to state the truth. However, Renuka denies the matter and clears Kajal’s name. Anu gets a shock and confronts Kajal asking her to tell the truth. Kajal acts innocent and traps Minty in her words. Minty asks Anu to apologize to Kajal. Anu unwillingly apologizes and thinks to get some solid proof about Kajal. She tells the matter to Rajat and tells him about Kajal’s pregnancy. She says she is sure that Kajal has some past. Leela asks Kajal to be more careful. Anu goes to Kajal’s home place and tries to find Kajal’s past. She does not get any information there and returns home upset. Kajal gets to know about Anu going to her home and plants a misunderstanding again to teach Anu a lesson.

Rajat gets the tickets in Anu’s bags and asks her about her trip. Anu understands that Kajal has done this to make everyone know about her spying on Kajal. She asks Kajal to stop her innocence drama and scolds her. Rajat supports Anu and believes that she has some reason to instigate this. Kajal tries to get close to Neil again and Anu comes in between them. Anu sends Neil for some work and fails Kajal’s plan of putting pregnancy blame on Neil. Anu warns Kajal to accept the truth herself, else she will make her fall miserably. Will Anu be able to expose Kajal and her evil intentions? Keep reading.

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