Aahil’s endeavour is to regain Sanam’s memory amidst new Sanam’s conspiracy in Qubool Hai

Qubool Hai - Aahil and Sanam

Sanam has reached India with Shaad, and Aahil has met them. She gets into thinking about Aahil and don’t know why. The meteor shower meetup gave Sanam and Aahil some time to be together and Shaad gets jealous to see. The new Sanam is brought back to Aahil’s home thanks to his generosity and knowing well about the dangers and evil. She follows Aahil to find him with Sanam. In the track ahead, the new Sanam has played trick and trapped Aahil again. Moreover, she has trapped Sanam too in her words. She tries to take her on her stride by taking advantage of her memory loss. Aahil scolds the new Sanam by asking her to be in limits.

Sanam has returned home from Pakistan but forgot everything, and tries to remember her past. Later on, Aahil takes her to the house tour so that it will help in recalling her memory. With Aahil’s gesture, the new Sanam gets jealous and ruining Sanam’s happiness is on her mind. She highlights her position of Aahil’s wife to make herself heard. Also, she makes every possible attempt to make Sanam lose her memory forever. She takes Khala and Khalu’s help in this conspiracy against Sanam and tries hard to seperate Aahil-Sanam. So, the question is for how long the new Sanam succeeds in keeping the lovers apart. It is certain the Sanam is going to regain her memory either gradually or a big event making her realize the reality and the truth.

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