Sooraj lays Vedansh’s foundation; Himanshu skeptical about Sagarika in Diya Aur…


Sooraj is doing Bhoomi Puja for his hotel inauguration. He lays the foundation of the dream hotel Vedansh. Everyone get happy after the Bhoomi Pujan and Sandhya cries realizing she has to leave from their life on her mission. Sandhya supports Sooraj and asks him to hurry up with the hotel buildup. Sooraj hugs Ved and shows him the land. He says he is doing all this for his son. Sandhya thinks Sooraj and Ved will be emotionally supporting each other after she goes. Himanshu comes to meet Sagarika at odd hours and Bharat calls Sandhya to come soon. Sandhya does not get time to change her getup and lies on the bed acting as unwell.

Himanshu notices her Mangalsutra and gets stunned. Bharat gets worried seeing it and signs Sandhya. Sooraj does not find Sandhya at home and it gets late. He makes Ved sleep by saying stories to him. Sooraj worried for Sandhya’s absence. Sandhya manages to answer Himanshu. He gets some doubt on her being very sharp observer. Sandhya sees Himanshu getting doubtful about her and tries to divert him. How will Sooraj react by Sandhya’s disappearance? Keep reading.

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