Sid and Roshni’s happiness revisited in Jamai Raja

jamai raja211

Roshni and Sid’s haldi ceremony going on after overcoming DD’s refusal for their marriage. Hopefully they will get married this time around. A new story will unfold after their marriage, and they will marry without any hinderance. Sid enjoys the haldi function and he is very happy to marry Roshni again. Bua Dadi makes an issue by saying DD has sent cheap sarees for them. Sid answers her and defends DD, saying she is the most classy lady and has sent the sarees from the designer boutique. He then goes to meet Roshni in her haldi. He enters in the ladies function dressed in a saree and hiding his face with ghunghat. His presence will be revealed to all. Everyone laugh on him seeing his gesture, and this makes Sid smiling. Sid blushes with haldi smeared on his face. Roshni is all happy with her marriage rituals.

Sid and Roshni enjoy their sangeet function and dance romantically. They make sure that no misunderstandings will come their way. They have a much needed gala time after a long suffering because of Misha. Everyone dance and celebrate the function. Sid’s parents dances as well and looks like a newly weds. Everyone is happy and enjoy Sid and Roshni’s marriage functions. Biji and Nani performs too while Roshni joins them. With their marriage on the cards, Sid and Roshni will stay together for forever. On other front, with Roshni’s pregnancy coming to forefront with Sid’s child, it has to be seen how Sid’s mom Simran such development in her stride. Keep reading.

2 comments on “Sid and Roshni’s happiness revisited in Jamai Raja

  1. On Jamai Raja comment block, I’ve been reading that the show is coming to an end. Please notify me if it’s true or not, I truly love the show, it’s the best right now. Are the writers women no offence..? Cause Sid is The Perfect husband/ boyfriend..

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