‘Happily ever after’ couples’ union marks the end of Shastri Sisters


Raju targets Anu and she saves herself. She tries running from there. Rajat tries to free himself from the chair and falls down. She hears the sound and goes ahead to see. Anu finds Rajat tied to the chair and meets him for a long separation. She frees him and Sameer gets to know from Raju that Anu and Rajat have escaped. Alka also gets free from Sameer and runs away. Sameer plans and changes clothes, donning Rajat’s beaten up and tortured look. He reaches home while everyone get to know about Sameer being Rajat’s doppelganger. The family gets stunned seeing Rajat and Sameer together, and Sameer tries trapping them in his words with fake tears and emotions towards Minty and Anu. The police then arrests Sameer. Rajat and Anu will be getting married again, along with Neil and Devyaani’s marriage.

Alka will be shown uniting with Rohan just like her dream union. Rohan tells Vrinda that he can’t stay without Alka and rushes to meet her. They have a happy union. The happiness returns in Shastri and Sareen families. The show marks a happy ending on this Saturday 8th August. We wish all the cast of Shastri Sisters all the best for their next projects.

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