Laxmi’s entry to stun Ayesha; Interesting twists to thrill in Dream Girl


Ayesha has been sitting at home being out of work. Sona passes taunts to her and Ayesha recalls how she has ended Laxmi’s prosperous career. She does not learn any lesson and asks Manav to hire someone for her movie launch. She says she wants such a movie which makes her famous dream girl again and she wants to win people’s heart by an innocent portrayal. Laxmi is shown missing in the show since long time and the track shifted to Ayesha and her secret revenge seeker. While Ayesha doubts Abhimanyu to be behind this, Laxmi will be back to shake Ayesha’s life.

Laxmi will be meeting Ayesha as a writer, whom Ayesha wants to appoint for her new movie script. Ayesha meets her manager and asks her to give her an image makeover, after the unwanted media attention she received for Laxmi’s murder attempt. Laxmi is the one seeking revenge from Ayesha and ruining her career. Ayesha has lost all her work by the Laxmi’s murder attempt case and now wants to start afresh. Manav and Samar support Ayesha. Ayesha gets stunned to see Laxmi alive, while the latter acts to be blind. Ayesha recalls Laxmi met her as a blind person inorder to seek work in Navrang and understands her game. She thinks of pushing Laxmi down the railing and thinks if Laxmi lost her memory. Samar gets stunned seeing Laxmi. Laxmi’s script will be loosely based on Laxmi’s journey at Navrang. What will be Laxmi’s next move to expose Ayesha’s truth? Keep reading.

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