Titu and Panchi to tackle Sudheer in Titu’s comic way

tu mera23

Titu was finding it difficult to do romantic comedy scene with the heroine Priya. Panchi gets to know about this and tells Titu that she trusts him a lot and asks him to do his work sincerely. The director gets pleased by Titu’s talent. At home, Sudheer has trapped Pinky and offered proposal to Agarwal family. Titu convinces Govind to give nod to the proposal as Pinky tensely says she loves Sudheer. Both the families get glad after the marriage gets fixed. Titu finds Pinky crying and asks Pinky to tell complete truth about Sudheer. Pinky tells him about Sudheer’s craze for her and she does not like Sudheer.

Titu and Panchi do not want Pinky’s reputation to be at stake. They want to make Sudheer refuse for marriage. They fail in their plans of showing Pinky captured by an evil spirit. Sudheer turns smarter after hearing Titu making plans along his family. Titu worries as Sudheer is still wishing to marry Pinky. The marriage day comes and Titu has a final chance to save Pinky’s life. Titu decides to use his talent to save Pinky. What will Titu and Panchi do now? Keep reading.

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