Absurd sisterly fights continues to drag on Swaragini…


Swara mixes truth medicine in Ragini’s drink and she starts confessing to her crimes infront of family. She then realizes that she was given medicine by Swara. She accuses Swara for giving her truth medicines and instructed her to said wrongly. Swara asks this type of medicine doesn’t really exist. Ragini says it exists and she knows as she gave that medicine to her before. Everyone get shocked with the revelation. Swara tells that’s it, she wanted her to confess. This game is played by Swara which Ragini already played. Laksh blames Ragini for trying to kill Swara and then trapping him to marry her. Ragini gets shocked and thinks everything is falling off from her hand. Laksh gets to know Ragini’s truth.

Swara and Sanskar succeed in showing the truth to Laksh. Laksh confronts Ragini for kidnapping Swara on their wedding day and then pushing Swara in the river to kill her. Laksh calls Ragini shameless and a bad example of a sister, lover and a human being. Ragini cries and wants to explain Laksh. Laksh fumes and leaves after his verbal firing on Ragini. Ragini gets angry seeing Swara smiling on her state. Ragini acts to faint to take Laksh at her side. Ragini will come with some trick and makes Laksh fall in her trap again. She knows how to win the lost battle and makes Laksh hates Swara again. Will Ragini succeed in her bad plotting again? Keep reading.

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