HAVE YOUR SAY!! — Shammu on DABH and Swaragini

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First let’s start with Diya aur baati hum. This is one of the most rated daily soap of Star plus. Despite of its content, it lags lot more. Recent mission of Sandhya is over exaggerated, Sooraj state of worsen is also unbearable to see. The track will get more tangled after Sandhya and Lalima come together in Sooraj’s life. The mission is running very long and I don’t know why writers of Dabh making it look messy. It should wrap up track and bring something fresh.

Swaragini is on Colors channel. At the beginning the nok jhok of two dadi’s were enjoyable to see, but now evil idea’s worsen the serial. I don’t believe or accept it a sister can go to any extent to save her love and destroy her own sister’s life. I request the writers of both the shows to put the story on the track with which it can get awesome response with the fan’s love for the actors and makers.

TR would like to thank Shammu for her input.
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Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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One comment on “HAVE YOUR SAY!! — Shammu on DABH and Swaragini

  1. I don’t think that the evil idea has worsened the swaragini show. In fact it has added more interesting spice into the serial especially the Swara and Sanskaar pair have made it hard to miss a single part of the show.
    Swaragini is still my favourite show.

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