Himanshu to return; Sandhya and Sooraj to face more separation

sandhya dabh

Sandhya is trying her best to save the country. She is ready to sacrifice her life. She is tied to the ropes and dragged in the court to humiliate her. Sandhya is tied and then put inside the walls. Shekhar tells her this punishment will be a lesson for all police officers. Sandhya reaches Garjana village and is there to do his responsibility related to the marriage vow that he will always support her. Sooraj comes there and sees the walls. He senses Sandhya there and gets one brick loose. He removes the brick and sees Sandhya. They hold hands and Sandhya cries.

Sooraj breaks the walls and cries failing to get Sandhya. Sooraj says the strength of his love will overpower everything in the world and is sure to get Sandhya. Shekhar takes Sandhya away from there. Himanshu will be coming back in the track, who will be troubling Sandhya. There will be big fight sequence between Sandhya and Himanshu, after which Sandhya and Sooraj will unite. As for now, the separation track will go on. Keep reading.

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