Akshara gets Rashmi and Sameer married.. alongwith Gayu’s happiness

yeh rishta

Rashmi’s mehendi is done and Rashmi gets Sameer’s name in her hands. Akshara applies mehendi to Rashmi with all the love and blessings for a good future. Gayu spoils Rashmi’s mehendi intentionally, as Gayu falls while dancing and Rashmi went to hold her. Everyone say its abshagun in mehendi. Gayu will try her best to stop this marriage, so that she does not have to share her mum’s love with Sameer. Akshara and Devyaani have an argument over Sameer being the right guy for Rashmi or not.

Rashmi was getting haldi applied. Some incident happened that Rashmi cancelled the marriage. Rashmi requests Sameer to leave from her house. Gayu is responsible for this. Devyaani was always after Sameer and irritated Sameer by her disbelief. Sameer slapped Gayu, which makes Rashmi call off her wedding. Akshara will be explaining Gayu in time and get Rashmi and Sameer married. Akshara will be clearing all the fears growing in Gayu’s heart against Sameer. Gayu accepts her mistakes infront of everyone and convinces Rashmi and Sameer for marriage. Look forward for a grand wedding in YRKKH. Keep reading.

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