Ragini to lay twisty love-marriage trap for Swara and Sanskaar…


Ragini says she convinced the family for Swara and Sanskaar’s marriage to expose them, now they are going against her. She has laid many plans to fail Swara. Sanskaar has kidnapped Laksh after seeing his Ragini’s truth did not come out in Laksh’s eyes. He wants to trouble Ragini now to see whether her so called love is actually true or not. Sanskaar is doing this to target Ragini. Laksh is in bad state and Ragini sees the video where Laksh is tied to the chair. Sanskaar did not ask Swara to expose Ragini by doing wrong. Swara also gets worried seeing the video. Swara will fight with Sanskaar for doing wrong with Laksh.

Later on, Swara is made to perform all wedding rituals against her wish. Swara hopes Laksh finds the entire truth and stops her marriage. Swara does not love Sanskaar, whereas he truly loves Swara. Ragini gifts the bridal dress to Swara. She wishes Swara and Sanskaar to unite, so that Laksh can move on and accept Ragini. Ragini is excited to get Swara married to Sanskaar and is doing all arrangements happily for her sister. Ragini is the root of all problems. Ragini knows Sanskaar genuinely loves Swara and wants Swara to be off her way. Ragini is happy as things are happening as per her plan, but Swara has also got smart being with Ragini. What will Swara do now? Keep reading.

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