Ishita to reveal Sarika and Ashok’s link…


Subbu’s mum tells Ishita that she has seen Shagun in a taxi and was wearing burqa. She came to give this news to Raman and everyone, but Ishita stops her. She calls Shagun and informs her that Subbu’s mum has seen her in taxi. Shagun and Ishita’s truth have come out in open. Ishita requests the lady not to tell anything to anyone. The lady is shocked to know that Ishita knows the truth that Shagun is alive. Ishita tells her that someone is trying to kill Raman with Ashok’s help, and says they want to catch the guilty and to protect Raman.

Bhallas keep a Shanti Havan to make Shagun’s ghost away from Ishita’s body. Raman and entire family do the puja to get peace in the home. The pandit does the puja. Sarika is the real culprit. Ishita and Shagun is trying to find the member in Bhalla family, who is giving all info to Ashok. Simmi comes home tensed when the havan is going on. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi about the tension. The family will be shocked to know Ishita and Shagun’s drama. Mrs. Bhalla wonders Simmi is hiding something. Ishita and Shagun get to know Sarika is the real problem hidden in Bhalla house, and hope the Shanti Havan brings Sarika’s truth out. Keep reading.

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