Daayan to enter Simar; A new chapter begins…


Simar is going to kill Indravati. Indravati is sure no one can kill her. Simar has to reach temple to kill Indravati and on the way she faces many hurdles, because of Indravati getting after her to break down Simar and save herself. Prem and Siddhant also want to help Simar, and get obstructed on the way to the holy temple.

Indravati and Simar have reached the temple. There is an idol in the temple, which has Indravati’s life. Indravati can’t enter the temple. Simar gets the map to locate the idol. Indravati is planning to send Simar to the fake temple. Simar will land into new trouble, where evil will enter Simar. Simar will be hitting a wrong idol, which releases the Mega Daayan. The new witch will enter Simar’s body to make her find difficult to have her devotion for her Mata Rani. Simar will have to fight with Daayan in her body. The Daayan makes Simar pray to the Devil. How will Simar free herself from the evil witch? Keep reading.

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