HAVE YOUR SAY!! — Komal on Balika Vadhu

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Balika Vadhu was an inspirational show, but today it is standing much behind as it lacks it’s original content. From her childhood, Anandi has gone through many problems, she always face difficulties with determination and her strong character. Anandi loses her daughter Nimboli in a very young age and now she is showing as grown up girl. The story gone very far. Mangla always create a rift between Anandi and Nimboli, just because of Nimboli’s innocence, she tends to believe Mangla. Mangla is a big liar who always had a bad talk about Shiv. I think it is the best time to get out the truth between Anandi and Nimboli that they both are mother and daughter, as the hidden truth is going for much time or years. Please give some happiness to Anandi now.

TR would like to thank Komal for her input.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article solely reflect the views of the author. TellyReviews does not assume any liability for the same.

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