Riya to expose Sarla’s lies; Huge drama to follow…

mere angne mein

Shanti has done Sarla’s Tyaag after knowing her big lies. She does the rituals of ending relations with Sarla. Raghav looks on quiet as Sarla has done big mistake this time. Sarla’s lied of cancer to take 5 lakhs from them, which made them keep Shanti Sadan mortgaged. Sarla and everyone is shocked. Sarla cries and starts doing drama. Shanti frees Sarla of their relation and duties. She takes rounds around Sarla holding a water pot, and breaks the pot doing the Vidhi for dead person.

Riya has exposed Sarla’s lies. Shanti has always forgiven Sarla thinking she is immature. Sarla hopes that Shanti will join relations again. Sarla blames Riya for all this. Sarla’s horrible lie has hurt Shanti and Raghav a lot. Rani too scolds Sarla and helps Riya in proving what all Sarla did in Riya’s marriage. Raghav is disappointed knowing Sarla’s planning to get Riya and Amit married, knowing Riya supposed Shivam to be her groom. Sarla apologizes to Shanti and Raghav. Shanti asks Shivam to kick out Sarla from home. Sarla is worried as she has to free Amit by giving 5 lakhs to the goons. Sarla plans to do something really big to get place in Shanti Sadan. Keep reading.

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