HAVE YOUR SAY!! — Sonal on Parvarish Season 2


The new show PARVARISH 2 is currently aired on Sony TV, which is really impressive as it revolves around mothers of two families… Khurana’s and Gupta’s and the challenges they face in bringing up their children who are teenagers. In every child’s life, mother plays a crucial role at the right upbringing of a child, restraining them from troubles which sometimes irks the child. Surinder Khurana and Simran gupta are childhood friends and neighbours, and they want their children to become friends and follow a right path. So I think this story shows how two friends helps each other in becoming the perfect parent. I really like this concept of the show and also might be it helps the viewer parents to deal with their children in certain circumstances, so definitely it’s a learning process for both Parents and Children. I request the audience to watch the show and gain some parenting tip.

TR would like to thank Sonal for this input.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article solely reflect the views of the author. TellyReviews does not assume any liability for the same.

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