Abhay’s entry to break peace in Gayatri’s life…


Gayatri is sad by all the happenings around them recently. Rana ji finds her upset and teases her to make her smile. They got some peace after many problems. Rana ji is romancing with Gayatri. They have a dance under the sky. Gayatri hugs him. They spend quality time and are glad to be together. The lover challenges Rana ji that he will take Gayatri. Gayatri worries seeing the psycho lover. Rana ji comes to her rescue and takes her with him.

Rana ji gets Shanti Puja done at his place. Gayatri and Rana ji sit for the puja, but there is a grahan in the puja. Just then Abhay Singh Chauhan shots bullet on the pot thus breaking it. He wants to make Raj Mata remember the past. A new villain came to the palace. He is the villain in Rana ji and Rani’s life. His name is Abhay and came to take revenge from Amir court. He tells that Amir court belongs to his ancestors and now it belongs to him. He challenges Rana ji that he will take back Amir court. He asks Rana ji to return the palace. Abhay falls in love with Gayatri. There is a hidden story behind his entry. Keep reading.

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