Bulbul to face death by Aaliya’s conspiracy in Kumkum Bhagya


Aaliya is conspiring against Pragya again for making Purab and Bulbul married. Aaliya thinks to kill Pragya first. Abhi and Pragya continue to fight over property papers. Pragya thinks how to take property papers in her custody. Abhi thinks Pragya is making him dance on her tune. All the family members make the arrangements for Purab and Bulbul’s reception.

During the party, Vijay enters in disguise and talks to Aaliya. Vijay adds poison in Pragya’s drink. Pragya and Abhi’s fight saves Pragya, and the drink glass falls. Karthik and Survi come in the party, as its merger episode of KB and YVR. Vijay fails and makes another attempt. Survi takes advice from Pragya on her problems. Bulbul will be dying in the show. Vijay will plan to make chandelier fall on Pragya, on Aaliya’s orders. Bulbul will save Pragya and will fall prey to Aaliya and Vijay’s plan. Bulbul will be immediately rushed to hospital after the chandelier falls over her and wounds her face. Mrunal Thakur will be leaving the show. Keep reading.

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