Rajneesh and Simran get married; SSL towards closure…


Sumit asks Rajneesh to throw a good bachelor’s party. Rajneesh makes efforts and throws a clumsy party, which does not go well with the guests. Sumit feels its his mistake to ask Rajneesh for this big work. Sumit decides to throw a party for Rajneesh’s final bachelorhood days. Sumit’s party rocks, but women add up in the party as a surprise. Sumit takes Jasbir’s help and makes the party better. Finally, Simran and Rajneesh are marrying. Walias have something or the other to complain in the wedding. When everything falls in place for some time, Dolly comes up with another objection. Dolly stops the wedding. Sumit comes to rescue Rajneesh and helps Rajneesh and Simran’s marriage rituals completed. Rajneesh’s dreams of a happy marriage come true.

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