Highlight: Swasan’s Shagun-Shaadi to begin…


There is good news for Swasan’s fans. Swara and Sanskaar are getting married again. Swara goes to temple. Sanskaar throws color on Kavita, and it falls on Swara. Kavita unites Swara and Sanskaar, as they love each other. Swasan’s marriage will be grand and by everyone’s happiness. Sanskaar surprises Swara with a romantic date. Sanskaar’s parents bring shagun for Swara. Sanskaar asks for Swara’s hand from her parents and promises to keep Swara happy forever. Swara hugs her parents and takes elder’s blessings. Swara and Sanskaar get happy, and spend some good time together.

In the upcoming track, Swara and Sanskar are seen standing in the crematorium ground, mourning and crying for their dear one’s death. They are wearing white clothes and look at the burning body of someone after last rites is done. Kavita understood Swara and Sanskaar’s love, and asked them to marry. Laksh romances with Ragini to take their relation to next level. Ragini is happy and turning positive. The death remains a mystery as of now. Keep reading.

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