Siya-Ram’s marriage next; New Adhyay with Raavan’s track…

siya ke ram

Ram and Sita get married in everyone’s presence and by elder’s blessings. Siya Ram have united once again in this birth. Lord Narayan and Devi Laxmi in human avatars have united on the earth. Everyone get happy for Ram and Sita’s marriage. Ram and Sita take the wedding rounds. Ramayan’s new Adhyay started in the show. Their marriage is witnessed by everyone. Everyone shower flowers on the couple. They all bless Ram and Sita, after the marriage happens in Mithila.

Shri Ram and Devi Sita’s marriage will start a new phase. Raavan asks Yamraj about the cause of his death. Yamraj tells him that a woman will be responsible. Raavan’s ego is hurt and he says he will kill that woman. Raavan will take revenge from Sita now. Raavan’s plannings will start. Raavan came to know that Devi Sita will be responsible for his end. There will be many hurdles for Ram and Sita now, where Ram will become savior for Sita always. Raavan attempts to kill Sita to stop his Vinaash/end, and sends a multi headed evil Naag to kill Sita. The story of Ramayan proceeds. Keep reading.

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