Shocking twist next in Tashan E Ishq…


Twinkle has accepted the truth that TR is her dad, as Kunj makes her think emotionally about Leela and RT. Twinkle forgives RT, even when she was deprived of a father’s love all her life. Twinkle realizes Kunj’s goodness as he is the one who united her parents and brought happiness in their lives. Twinkle is thankful to Kunj and hugs him.

Kunj and Twinkle have super romance on their surprise date. Kunj surprises her with mind blowing decorations. It seems like heaven for Twinkle. Kunj gives her a rose and confesses love to her. Twinkle also confesses her love for him. Kunj opens his arms, for her reply. Twinkle hugs him and they are in their dreamy world. This turns out to be Twinkle’s dreams. Kunj starts moving away from Twinkle. There is a twist in the show. Twinkle gets afraid of the upcoming danger for their love. Kunj’s life will fall in danger in next track, which Twinkle senses in her dream. Keep reading.

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