Arzoo to land in Pushkar in dramatic way…


Sandhya and Sooraj along with entire family decorate the house. Its function of Chotu’s engagement. Arzoo is going to come to Hanuman Gali. Sandhya and Sooraj fall down while decorating. Meenakshi sees their romance and disturbs them. Chotu is upset as he loves Piya. He does not want to marry Arzoo. Arzoo and Resham would be coming to Rathi house. Mahek creates misunderstanding between Resham and Bhabho. Mahek uses the fact that Bhabho does not know Arzoo is from Pakistan.

Sandhya, Sooraj and Chotu go to pick Arzoo and Resham from train station. A big fan starts by mistake which looks as a storm. The flowers get in Sandhya’s hair. Sandhya reaches the huge fan and stops it. Sooraj and Chotu laugh seeing the flowers stuck in Sandhya’s hair. Arzoo comes for her marriage, and arrives at the train station. Chotu and Arzoo meet for the first time. Will Sandhya find out Arzoo’s truth? Keep reading.

One comment on “Arzoo to land in Pushkar in dramatic way…

  1. The show makers are showing that the rathi family does not know that Arzoo and family belongs to HYDERABAD PAKISTAN whereas whenever these people contact each other over call, they need to dial +92 that is pakistan’s country code for dialing the number.
    Or whenever sandhya and family receive call from arzoo’s side, they can get to know about pakistan with the country’s code.

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