Highlight: IshRa’s separation pain.. makes way for big twists…


Ishita is shifted to jail. She cries and misses her family. She shouts to get some help. She asks requests the constable to let her meet Ruhi once. Ishita senses Ruhi is in danger and is shouting for help. Ruhi has high fever and is trauma recalling the terrorists incident. Ruhi calls out Ishita and her call reaches Ishita’s heart. Ishita requests Abhishek to let her talk to Ruhi once, as she feels Ruhi is in some problem. Ishita is out of police station and out of Abhishek’s control now. Abhishek decides to help her by any means. Ishita faces more problems in jail by the lady inmates.

Raman meets Ishita in jail and they both share the pain of separation. Abhishek meets the jailer and asks her to let Ishita meet Ruhi once, as Ishita is a good person by heart. Abhishek is helpless by laws and is upset that he is not able to help Ishita. He feels its injustice happening with Ishita. Ishita cries in the jail. Raman tries everything possible to get Ishita out.

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