Tough times get never ending for Pragya…


Pragya is searching for Sarla in the jungle along with Abhi. She imagines her mum walking in the jungle. Abhi supports Pragya in the toughest time. Pragya and Sarla will meet, but there is an accident twist. Sarla meets with accident. Nikhil hits her by his car to stop her from meeting Pragya. Sarla was kidnapped few days before and Nikhil is her kidnapper. Nikhil is helping Tanu. Abhi and Pragya finally see Sarla, after she met with an accident. Pragya cries seeing Sarla injured and rushes her to hospital. Sarla’s character will die or survive has to be seen.

Abhi and Pragya are together, but its sad moment. They still have much distance between them. Pragya has got injured Sarla to hospital. Dadi consoles Pragya. Pragya goes to terrace and sees Abhi worried. Pragya wants to share her worry with Abhi. She wants to expose Aaliya and Tanu’s truth. Abhi says its big problem that Tanu is pregnant with his child and feels divided.

2 comments on “Tough times get never ending for Pragya…

  1. The serial is dragging too much….it’s highly boring… It’s time to expose tanu…..there came so many times… That tanu would have been caught…too much…no charm serial..

  2. Really its too too much boring yaarr………………..just expose tanu…….no one watch serial if u ppl drag that…..plzz……..

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