Highlight: Kanak manipulates Viplav yet again…


Dhaani and Kanak reach the temple. There is a big confrontation scene between them. Dhaani reminds Kanak how the big bell was made to fall to kill her. She also reminds Kanak the poisonous halwa. Kanak gets worried realizing her plans are no longer hidden from Dhaani. Dhaani realizes that Kanak and Tripurari have joined hands to separate Viplav and Dhaani. She confronts Kanak for all the bad deeds and plotting she did to ruin her love with Viplav. Kanak fumes and confesses all the crimes she did against Dhaani. She tells Dhaani that she wants her to be away from Viplav. Viplav reaches them, and Kanak starts manipulating the matter. Kanak tells Viplav that Dhaani is suspecting Kanak to have an affair with Tripurari. Dhaani gets shocked along Viplav. Viplav gets hugely disappointed with Dhaani and asks her to apologize to Kanak.

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