Highlight: Sandhya to find Arzoo’s hidden motives in Diya Aur…


Arzoo’s Mu Dikhai rasam gets funny and embarrassing for Bhabho. Bhabho does not like Arzoo initially. Bhabho is angry seeing Arzoo’s dog Chulbul. She asks Sandhya did she not say about her coming back. Sandhya apologizes as she was telling about Chulbul, whom Arzoo got in her inlaws. Bhabho scolds Sandhya and is disappointed. Arzoo does mistake to apply for Sandhya’s three months leave from her work. Sandhya starts shouting on Arzoo to decide for her work. Arzoo says she was going to do good and turned up annoying them. Sooraj helps Arzoo to help her adjust well in the Rathi Family.

Sandhya suspects Arzoo and keeps an eye on her, as her seniors instructed her. Very soon Bhabho’s new bahu Arzoo will handover her wealth to Chotu and will join hands with the terrorists. She will get involved with the terrorists activities. Sandhya will come to know about her link up and will do all possible things to change Arzoo’s heart for good. Arzoo will realize her mistake and will help Sandhya catch the terrorists.

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