NEW: Colors’ Mini Combo


Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki and Bihaan have become teddy bear and romance wearing those clothes. Tu Mera Teddy bear song plays………….Bihaan shows her face. Thapki gets shocked seeing teddy bear showing his face. They have a cute fight and romance. Blue teddy comes to pink teddy’s room and teases her. Thapki takes out teddy from her face. Bihaan comes to know that Thapki is made to work as a servant. He bursts his anger on Vasundara and Shraddha. Thapki tells Bihaan that she has no problem working for the family. She is trying to hide the truth. Shraddha challenges Bihaan to earn 10000 Rupees, and thinks to see how he manages as he never worked before. She wants Thapki to continue her service at their house. Thapki have started to earn money and stitches the clothes.


Shekhar meets with an accident and gets his hand fractured. Dadi accuses Swara for breaking the promise and going to Maheshwari house, and that’s why Shekhar met with an accident. She puts forth the condition that Swara have to choose between her sasural and mayka. It is a tough situation for Swara. Swara will do a daughter and daughter in law’s duties together. Dadi asks Swara to choose them or Sanskaar.

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