Sesha’s growing fondness for Ritik to trouble Shivanya…


Sesha tries getting close to Ritik. Ritik too responds to her love. Sesha has lost her heart to Ritik. She can’t keep herself away from him. Sesha does not know Shivanya is in problem. Sesha takes Shivanya’s avatar when Ritik comes to the room. She flows in emotions and gets touched by Ritik’s love. Ritik gets necklace for Shivanya on their first anniversary. Sesha is glad seeing Ritik’s love and gets carried away. When she hears Shivanya’s call for help, she still stays with Ritik to enjoy the romantic moment. Shivanya is in big problem and keeps calling Sesha. Sesha hugs Ritik, and then Sesha gets away to go and help Shivanya. Ritik stops her from going. Sesha leaves to help Shivanya to fulfill her duties towards her sister.

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