Kokila attempts to keep family united in Saathiya…

saathiya kokila

There is a drama in the Modi house with Paridhi’s return. She is angry with her son for marrying a thief, and says she can’t accept Sona as her record is bad. She says my son have not taken my consent for his marriage and have married without informing me. Paridhi keeps all the jewellery of the house and weighs her son with the gold items. She asks Sona to take the jewellery and leave her son. Sona gets confused and thinks she wants both. She gets happy seeing the gold items, but gets sad with Paridhi’s condition, and says she will not leave Tolu. Sona is sure that her mum in law will accept her one day. Kokila dislikes Paridhi’s behavior and makes it clear. It will be all well with Gopi’s interference. She will try to convince Paridhi.

Paridhi has decided that she will test Sona. She scolds Gopi for insulting her infront of an illiterate girl. She asks Gopi and Kokila not to interfere. She asks them to promise that they will not support Sona and just see the war like silent witnesses. Paridhi will become negative in this track. Kokila scolds Paridhi and says if my family union faces any problem because of you, then there will be no limit. She says even Lord Krishna took his weapons seeing Adharm. She calls Paridhi wrong to start Mahabharat in Modi house.

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