Today’s Twister – SSK

Twister… This post is on the never-ending drama in any show, which is liked by the viewers solely for the melodramatic factor, without much logic depicted.

Malti makes Simar’s brother in laws fight with each other to get the chandramani’s pieces. Simar’s brother in laws hold knife in their hands and is about to stab each other. Simar stops them. Malti thinks Simar will give away Chandramani to her.

Roli is caught by the evil chief in Simar’s house. He asks Simar to give the Chandramani or let her sister die. He disappears Roli and Simar gets caught. Simar called a tantric in her inlaws to save her family from ghosts. The ghosts team up and tantric fails to catch them. Mata ji gives Chandramani to Malti, on Simar’s saying, but things do not get fine.

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