Mighty drama to end Dharam and Meera’s love story….


Meera and Dharam get into an argument and pushes him from the terrace. Dharam falls down from the terrace and shouts Meera. Meera gets shocked and runs to him downstairs. She tells Dharam that she loves him a lot and asks him to get up. Gaura beats Meera angrily and cries for Dharam. Vidya consoles Meera. Dharam had many dreams for Meera and wanted to apologize to Meera. He wanted to tell Meera that he loves her, and he will accept his every decision. He was waiting for her in terrace to express his feelings. Meera was angry over Vidya’s matter, and argues with him. She has hurt his heart and said she hates him. Meera gets shattered and feels guilty to push Dharam. Dharam fell by the slippery floor and everyone blame Meera. Will Dharam and Meera’s love have a break or end….? Keep reading.

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