Highlight: Know the Super twists in mytho epics…

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Siya Ke Ram will get Hanuman’s entry, after Dasharath’s demise. Dasharath has died, and Kaikeyi’s remorseful time has started. Bharat refused to take Ram’s place and sit on the throne. Bharat gets shocked seeing Ayodhya’s pecae and happiness ruined by Kaikeyi. Ram’s biggest devotee, his Param Bhakt Hanuman will be meeting him in the van. Ram and Hanuman’s meet will be super dramatic and most awaited.

Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman will bring a big twist of Hanuman fighting to get his father’s soul back. Hanuman’s father Kesari has died by his mistake. Hanuman is crying and wants to revive his father back. Hanuman has gone against Kaldev, by which Kaldev has taken Kesari’s life. Hanuman wants to battle with Yamraj. Hanuman does the final rites of his father. He shares his pain with his mother. Hanuman will get Kesari’s soul back by fighting with Yamraj. Yamraj tells Hanuman that Kesari’s soul has gone to another lok. Hanuman will be heading to Devlok and a battle will be shown between Hanuman and Devtas to get Kesari’s soul.

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