Love, separation and sorrow ahead in Jaane Kya…


Raju has been imprisoned for Luthra’s murder. Raju has taken the blame on himself just to save Garima. Sunny has recorded Raju and Nandu’s marriage before so that he can use that footage to crack a deal with Nandu. Sunny shows the proof to Nandu and makes her glad that Raju can be freed from the jail. He instead asks Nandu to marry him. He puts the condition that Raju can be freed and proved innocent only when Nandu ends relations with Raju. Nandu who selflessly loves Raju, agrees to Sunny’s condition. Nandu decided to end her marriage with Raju. Sunny rejoices thinking Raju would not hear this big shock. Raju and Nandu’s love story gets heartbroken. Nandu realizes that breaking Raju’s heart is more worse any punishment for him. Will Raju be able to tackle Sunny? Rambhateri’s re-entry would surely help Nandu and Raju. Keep reading.

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